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Online portal 24/7

Your online account is accessible through your portal, providing you access to all your documents at the click of a button.

Our online portal provides you access to your payslips, records and more, depending on the pay model you are assigned. It’s quick and easy to access the portal, by visiting our site and clicking the link to login at the top of the page. Available 24/7, it’s your first port of call for your records.

Your portal account will be configured as part of your registration. Once your registration in complete, you will be sent an email with your registration details which includes your username and a link to log on the secure online portal for the first time. Your first time logging in will require you confirm you accept our terms and conditions and to create a password - be sure to keep this safe and secure.

Your payslips will appear in your account as soon as they’re issued, similarly, your P60 will appear at the end of the financial year. Your documents will be stored in the portal for as long as you are enrolled with us. They can be easily accessed, saved and printed which may be helpful if applying for finance or a mortgage.

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