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Easy to set up

It’s really easy to register and be paid through Exact Payroll.

During registration, you’ll need to provide us with your personal details, as well as your P45/P46 together with your preferred holiday option.

Once complete, your registration details are sent through to us, where they are checked by a member of our team. We aim to have these details checked, and if complete, to set you up ready for payroll within a matter of hours. If there’s anything missing from your registration, this may delay the process, so be sure to complete all the relevant sections.

Once your registration is complete you will receive a confirmation email which will include your username, the option to create a password and a link to our secure online portal. Simply follow the links to complete your registration and gain access to your payroll account.

We’re on hand during normal office hours to assist you with registration, if you have questions about registering, or want to understand more about which payroll solution is right for you, call us on 01633 277339.


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