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Full employment rights

Working for Exact Payroll means you’ll benefit from all of your standard statutory employment rights including sick pay, holiday pay, maternity and paternity pay.

Working for Exact Payroll you will be entitled to your full statutory employment rights.

This will ensure that, as a minimum, you will receive National minimum wage for your work and protection against unlawful deductions from your wages. You are also entitled to a minimum level of paid holiday each year and the statutory minimum length of rest breaks whilst working for Exact Payroll. You will also be protected against unlawful discrimination and whistleblowing (reporting wrongdoing in the workplace) and will not be treated any less favourably if you work part time.

You will or may also be entitled to: Statutory sick pay, Statutory maternity pay, Paternity pay, adoption pay or shared parental pay. If you are in doubt, please speak to a member of the Exact Team.


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