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Multiple pay models

Providing a wide range of pay models, allowing you to compliantly maximise your take home pay.

We’re highly experienced in ensuring that you benefit from the maximum take home pay, based on our detailed knowledge of multiple payroll models available and expertise in matching the most suited to each and every candidate.

At Exact, we provide clear, transparent advice to thousands of individuals across the country.
By understanding your situation, we can quickly assess the options available to you.

Compliance is at the heart of everything that we do, that’s why, as part of the registration process we include an evaluation assessment to ensure your eligibility for certain pay models.
By making sure we hold a current P45 when you join us, you will help to keep your year to date tax in order, preventing you from having multiple tax codes and complicating your tax payments.

We offer multiple pay models including ‘Exact Mileage’, if eligible, this pay model allows travel expenses to be offset against earnings. Your online portal will allow you to record your travel details quickly and easily, ensuring we have the appropriate records to support your claim.

Unlike other payroll providers, we do not offer fixed percentages for your take home pay or pay models that include a loan element. Compliance is our highest priority, in most cases these pay models are illegal and do not comply with HMRC regulations.


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