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Smart Pensions

Smart Pension is one of the largest workplace pension providers in the UK

What is Smart Pension?

Smart Pension is one of the largest workplace pension providers in the UK, operating a master trust scheme for hundreds of thousands of members and employers. Smart’s mission is to transform pensions, savings and financial well-being across all generations, around the world. Their investors
include J.P. Morgan, Legal & General and The Link Group — three of the world’s largest financial service companies.

How does Auto Enrolment affect me?

In order to get more people to save more money for their retirement, the government introduced new laws in 2017. Since then, if you’re an employee, your employer has to offer a workplace pension scheme
into which both you and they must make regular contributions. If after an initial 3 month of  postponement* if you meets the set criteria you will automatically join the pension scheme. Every pay
period a proportion of the employees salary is deducted and then paid into their individual pension pot on a monthly basis. Once contributions are deducted from your salary they should be invested in your pension pot by the 22nd of the following month. Click here to learn more about Auto Enrolment

How much will I need to pay?

The government rules state that as an employee, you must contribute at least 5% of your earnings into the pension scheme, and that your employer must also contribute at least 3%. If you’d like to put more money aside for retirement, you can increase the amount you contribute.

Smart Pension charges scheme members a 0.75% Annual Management Charge and does not make any charges to employers.

The Smart Pension member account

At Smart Pension, we try to make things easy for scheme members and to put them in control of their pension savings. It’s simple to access your personal account online, via the mobile app or even through Amazon Alexa or Google Home, to keep up to date with your pension and do things such as:

  • get real-time balance information
  • check your contribution history
  • personalise how your funds are invested
  • change how much you pay into your pension
  • update your personal details
  • transfer funds in from other pension schemes
  • select whether to join or leave the pension scheme

Smart Rewards

As a Smart Pension member, you’ll also receive free and unlimited access to Smart Rewards, offering you discounts at over 1,200 retailers in the UK and saving you an average of £400 a year. For further information, please see

Smart Pension Employee account

For further details of the Smart Pension employee account, please go to

If you need any help or have any questions, you can contact our
employee support team in the following ways:

  • by telephone on 0333 666 2626
  • send us an email at
  • via the live chat option from your employee account

*an employe can reject the postponement period and elect to join the scheme sooner


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