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Umbrella Mileage

Ideal for mobile workers including carers, qualified/skilled workers or those outside of supervision, direction and control.

This pay model is generally used in the domiciliary and social care sectors but can be used in specific circumstances when working outside of supervision, direction and control.

Exact MILEAGE allows employees who have been assessed to claim mileage expenses on a weekly basis which are deducted from their gross pay, resulting in less tax and national insurance to pay.

To be eligible to use this pay model, the employee must complete and pass an assessment to prove they are working outside of SDC (supervision, direction and control) or be classed as a mobile worker, using their own transport to travel to various temporary workplaces per day.

If eligible for this pay model, when set up on our system, the employee will be required to complete a log of the mileage travelled to include postcodes and these entries must be supported by fuel receipts to the required values.

The Agency transfer funds to Exact Payroll which are inclusive of holiday pay, employers NI, employers auto enrolment pension and our margin, then after these deductions have been made the funds then become gross pay for the employee. We ensure HMRC compliance at every step, protecting you from managing this. Employees are entitled to their full Statutory entitlements including sick pay, maternity, paternity and holiday pay.

The employee completes a quick and easy registration form along with the “Exact Mileage” SDC assessment form to determine if they eligible to be paid through this pay model. If the employee fails the SDC assessment they will be paid through our “Exact PAYE” model instead.

Additional Services & Benefits

  • All workers will receive a SMS net pay text on a Thursday.
  • Payslips can be accessed via our online portal system or posted.
  • Payments are made overnight Thursday and we offer same day payments at no extra cost.
  • All taxes and national insurances are deducted and paid on time to HMRC.

Calculate your take home pay

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This figure is a guide of your take home pay using the Exact Umbrella PAYE expenses model and based on some assumptions.

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