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IR35 Update: Are you end clients ready for the changes?

Ensuring everyone in the chain is prepared. With IR35 implementation less than 2 months away, be sure you and those that you work with are ready for the changes on the horizon.

There’s still time to prepare, take action now and ensure you’re compliant on 6th April. If you are subcontracting labour, working with freelancers, or a recruitment agency you have no doubt heard about IR35.

In preparation for the changes, it is important to be speaking with candidates, suppliers, recruiters and partners to ensure you have clear communication of the changes and understand what they mean for each of you.

With responsibility for compliance in many instances passing to the contractor, it’s critical that you understand your responsibilities and the part you play. Defining roles in accordance with the HMRC guidelines is a key element of this - giving clarification, and justification as to whether candidates should be directly employed or not.

If you’re confused about the changes and want to ensure you, your recruiter, agency or candidates are compliant, speak to us and we’ll happily guide you on the changes and what they mean for you.

We’ll be highlighting different aspects of IR35 over the coming weeks to help you prepare for the changes. Want to know more? Speak to us today.