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Personal accident cover

Claim between £300 and £500 per week if you can’t work due to a personal injury - providing security and peace of mind.

Personal accident

If a worker is injured and cannot work, then they will be paid a weekly sum to help towards their living costs while they are out of action. Lump sum benefits are also available for long-term disablement or death.

Weekly Payment from £300

This benefit is available for those suffering from a temporary injury, once they are more than two weeks out of work. The amount is payable for up to 52 weeks in total but can be extended up to 104 weeks.

Lump Sum Payment from £50,000

For those who are seriously injured or die as a result of an accident, the cover will pay a lump sum.

Flexible cover options

  • Work accidents including commuting
  • 24/7 Personal Accident cover can be added at a cost
  • The level of preferred weekly and lump sum payment can be upgraded
  • Extended period of benefit payments
  • Death and Serious Injury £50k
  • Temporary and Total Disablement £300 per week, 14 day deferred, 52 week benefit period
  • 75% Gross Weekly Wage max per week
  • Accident medical expenses of £25K

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