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Tax rebate services

We review your previous tax returns over the past few years, ensuring you paid the correct amount of tax and reclaiming any overpay

PAYE Tax Rebates

If you are or have been employed and have incurred business expenses working at, or travelling to and from a temporary workplace, which have not been reimbursed by your employer, our partners can obtain for you a tax rebate of on average £1500 per year – after all costs.

Retrospectively reclaim tax

  • Mileage
  • Subsistence (food and drink)
  • Mobile phone
  • Laundry
  • Accommodation
  • Car valeting

Managed and processed

Speak to us today if you think you may have overpaid tax previously. It’s easy and straightforward to provide us the details so we can investigate.

If you are found to have paid too much, together with our partners we manage the reclaim on your behalf.


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N. Palmer

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