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A career in education can be extremely rewarding. Aside from full time roles, many choose to work as interim teachers or lecturers in schools, colleges and universities.

We understand there are a lot of interim teachers, lecturers throughout the UK, and having the right support and guidance is crucial to make sure each assignment is a success.

When working through agencies on a part time or interim basis, you may well require a payroll provider in place to ensure you are paid correctly and compliant with HMRC tax regulations.

Changes in legislation

2007 saw changes in 2017 which affects public sector bodies. Known as IR35, it is now the obligation of the organisation you are working for (for example a college or university) to ensure your correct employment status.

Given the implementation of IR35, it is very likely that the educational institution you are working with will have determined your role to be ‘inside IR35’.

This classification means that you must pay pay-as-you-earn (or PAYE) tax on your earnings. An umbrella payroll model

is the preferred option for many education institutions, however you should speak to your agency or ‘end hirer’ and
ask the question “Is my role inside or outside of IR35?”. The answer to this question will determine that options you have and allow your take home pay to be calculated. Informed with the answer to this question, you will have a clearer idea of your pay level and be fully informed to negotiate rates and conditions.

The right support

We’re trusted by hundreds of interim teachers, tutors and lecturers throughout the UK and have been supporting them for a number of years. Providing competitive margins for you, allowing for a higher retained level of income compared to other payroll firms who are not education payroll specialists.

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"Exact have always provided a very high level of customer service and compliance. They always deal promptly with any queries and we look forward to working with them for many years to come." 

Darryl Mydat - CEO - London Teaching Pool Ltd

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