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Renewable, nuclear or fossil fuel energy, we are a specialist payroll provider supporting contractors within the energy production and management sector.

With the UK’s nuclear industry experiencing an increase in activity, with existing power stations requiring decommissioning, whilst the government is encouraging a new generation of nuclear energy plants.

Industry growth

Engineers, scientists, managers and financial specialists will all be essential to the future growth of the nuclear energy sector. Whether you are a nuclear energy contractor working in decommissioning, generation, processing, defence or new build, opportunities are likely to flourish in the coming months and years.

Renewable energy continues to attract more government attention and large scale investment, opening up an increasing number of opportunities for renewable energy contractors in solar, wind, hydro, biofuels and other kinds of renewable energy.

Managing your payroll

Whether it is the state-of- the-art technology, innovative engineering solutions or dynamic working environments, renewable energy can be a hugely exciting industry in which to be a contractor. One element that perhaps isn’t so exciting, however, is the constant need to keep on top of your finances and your tax obligations

Here at Exact Payroll we can help guide you towards making the right solution that best suits your individual circumstances, we have expert knowledge and support in helping contractors just like you to ensure compliance and take advantage of tax benefits of various pay models available to you.

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