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There are many reasons why so many choose engineering as a career choice,, not the least the fact that this field can be varied, rewarding and lucrative.

Engineering payroll specialists

We have been supporting engineering contractors for a number of years, ensuring compliance with legislation and managing their tax obligations.

A wide range of pay models

Whether you are an engineer in infrastructure or a rail engineer working with travel, there’s a wide range of pay models to suit every line of work.

Our expertise and guidance will guide you through the options available to you, including the review of IR35 and implications of SDC (supervision, direction and control). Understanding these factors will help to identify which payroll options you can take advantage of.

Umbrella payroll or your own limited company are the key models adopted by engineers looking for a payroll solution. Unsure which one is right for you? We’re on hand with advice and guidance to help select the option that’s most suited to you.

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These figures are a guide of your take home pay using a limited company and Umbrella PAYEand based on some assumptions.

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Discounts on fuel, cashback rewards, personal accident cover and more.

"You are truly amazing at what you do, thank you so much for going out of your way on Sunday and doing that, again, I can not thank you enough."

N. Palmer

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