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You may just be embarking on your career in logistics, started contracting for the first time, or may be a career contractor in the industry. Wherever you are in your career, we have a range of solutions to manage your payroll effectively and compliantly.

We have clients working directly in transportation, as well as those who manage logistics or co-ordination. Short term or long term roles, whichever area you work within, we have years of experience supporting contractors just like you.

Choice of pay models

We offer a full range of pay models for the logistics industry. Your position, hours and type of work all have an impact on the suitability of each model and will influence which is most suitable. We can evaluate whether you are seen to be under ‘supervision, direction and control (SDC) which may offer additional payroll options.

We offer a range of umbrella payroll solutions including PAYE and options that allow you to claim expenses. We also provide self employed payment options and can support you with setting up and running your own limited company.

Whichever route you take, we’re on hand with the advice, support and guidance you need to find the right pay solution for you, whilst ensuring compliance is maintained.

IR35 and why it is important

Due to changes that were introduced in 2017, the organisation who are hiring you are responsible for ensuring you are paid in accordance with HMRC regulations.

These changes, known as IR35, seek to provide clarity on your working arrangements and ensure you pay the correct amount of tax and national insurance. In doing so, your role will have been defined as ‘within’ or ‘outside of IR35.

Understanding your IR35 situation is critical in knowing what payment options you have available to you. If you are unsure, you should speak with your employer or agency.

Knowing your IR35 category will allow you to have a clearer idea of what your retained income (or ‘take home pay’) will be.

Calculate your take home pay

Limited Company

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Umbrella Solution

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Hours per week

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These figures are a guide of your take home pay using a limited company and Umbrella PAYEand based on some assumptions.

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